Xu Longsen to Journey through Mountains & Rivers at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

2013-01-11 13:52

The Chinese Shan-Shui painting is not the art of portraying natural landscapes, 

but the one seeking for spiritual order with strict rules and forms by permutating and combinating the structures of moutains, hills, stones, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls, 

and then further reaching the core of human nature; 

hence Shan-shui painting is a unique thought expression of oriental view of universe, 

reflecting ascending mental realms. 

The combination of brush, ink, and paper, by dissolving with water, creates infinite plasticity. 

For any individual painter him/herself, it would be a unique individual spritual carding and experiencing when painting a Shan-shui painting.

                                                                     XU longsen